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In the process of decoration, it is the same style and details as looking for a girlfriend, which can indeed be determined by the owner's preferences. However, some things can be touched, and some things can't be touched. Next, the editor will introduce something that cannot be moved in the decoration process

many businesses or decorators will know that load-bearing walls cannot be removed or modified in decoration, but few people can make it clear what kind of wall is a load-bearing wall. Generally, in buildings with brick concrete structure, all prefabricated slab walls cannot be demolished or opened; The walls with hollow sound when knocked are mostly non load-bearing walls, which can be removed and modified. In addition, the owner opens the door and windows on the load-bearing wall, which will also damage the load-bearing of the wall, and it is not allowed. If the walls in the house are to be demolished and modified in the decoration, it is best to ask someone from the construction profession to have a look and determine whether it is a load-bearing wall before construction. Before construction, it should be reported to the property management department for filing, and construction can be carried out only after approval

in the room, the reinforcement in the wall and the beam column in the room can play a supporting role. If the reinforcement or beam column is damaged when the pipeline is buried, it will affect the bearing capacity of the wall and floor, so the wall and floor are easy to collapse or fracture. Generally, there are one door and one window on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed and changed, but the wall below the window cannot be moved. That is the low wall beside the balcony. This section of wall is called the counterweight wall, which plays the role of provoking the balcony like a weight. Dismantling this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall

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for the original doors and windows in the room, like some “ Three proofs ” Or “ Five prevention ” The door frames of these doors are embedded in concrete. If they are demolished, the building structure will be damaged and the safety factor will be relatively reduced. At the same time, don't easily damage the waterproof layer in the house. There are waterproof layers under the ground of the kitchen and bathroom. If damaged, the downstairs residents will become water curtain holes. If it is rebuilt after destruction, it must be done “ 24-hour water seepage test ” That is, it is qualified to fill water in the kitchen or bathroom without leakage after 24 hours

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 next page. In addition, don't use some polluting, overweight and other materials when decorating your home. For example, some polluting materials will produce chemicals harmful to human body. Try to choose natural materials. At the same time, pay attention to opening doors and windows for ventilation after decoration. However, some overweight materials, such as natural stones with a thickness of more than 1 cm, are not allowed to be used in home decoration. These are the places where the owners should be cautious in the decoration. When negotiating the design scheme with the decoration company, they must pay more attention to this aspect to avoid bringing danger to themselves and their neighbors. There are three pages in total, the first page 123 the next page

everyone wants to find a place with good feng shui to live in, which is not only physically and mentally pleasant, but also conducive to career and wealth, but generally, how do people who don't know Feng Shui judge the difference? After all, not everyone has professional knowledge. Here are some ways for reference

1; When a person's fortune is good, the house he chooses will also be a good place for Feng Shui. When his fortune is bad, the house he chooses is also a time period that is prone to problems. Therefore, when his fortune is bad, he should choose carefully, because the house at this time is often easy to have disadvantages

2; In general, it is suitable to have clean and harmless buildings next to houses, so when you are in a place with transformer towers, chimneys, smelly ditches and the like, the houses you are in are relatively poor in Feng Shui

3; A good house is often better to follow the principle of "quietness in noise", so if the house is too noisy or too cold, it is not a good place for Feng Shui

4; Houses near elevated lines or railway sections are always lacking in Feng Shui, which is always easy to bring bad luck

5; Fire shape is mostly disadvantageous in Feng Shui, so it is disadvantageous for houses built on triangular land. Similarly, it is also disadvantageous for houses with triangular mountains or similar buildings beside houses

6; Next to them are temples, churches, and school houses, which are also prone to bad feng shui, because such an environment is mostly where Yin and yang are missing and unbalanced

7; Good houses or shops are mostly built with backs, open in front, no roads to rush, and the front is low and the back is high. Most of these houses are relatively auspicious. Are they suitable for health preservation and living?

is fortune related to Feng Shui?

1. There is a fixed Mingcai position in the house. Mingcai position is on the diagonal position of the living room at the entrance, which can hide wind and gather Qi. If this location is at the junction of the living room and the balcony, then the wealth position will be connected with the balcony, which will lead to discouragement, and the wealth on the wealth position will also be vented, so the effect of wealth can not be achieved

2. In order to decorate the home more luxuriously, there are not only one entrance door in the house, but also the front door, back door, side door and so on. In geomantic omen, this will lead to the inability to gather Qi at home, which will easily lead to the loss of money and the inability of residents to gather wealth

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