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Can the formaldehyde problem of long-term apartment be cured? The reporter learned from the residential leasing industry branch of China Building Decoration Association that with the approval of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the "technical regulations for the decoration of rental housing" has been drafted and is expected to be released in the first half of next year. This standard will form a unified industry standard for the decoration technology of long-term rental apartments, short-term accommodation and shared office space. For decoration pollution, the standard will also make clear norms from the perspective of controlling the source of pollution and decoration process, governance and tenants' use habits

behind formaldehyde

decoration companies can't keep up with the pace of expansion

different from the decoration method of ordinary people's own homes, long-term rental apartments generally adopt the methods of "fast installation" and "fast installation". A suite can be installed in 5 to 25 days

in the recent formaldehyde storm, the decoration method of long-term rental apartments has been criticized. Tenants believe that long-term rental apartments are forced by the pressure of costs to rent immediately after rapid decoration, reducing the vacancy period of housing, but at the expense of the health of tenants

Yang Chunyu, Secretary General of the residential leasing industry branch of China Architectural Decoration Association, analyzed that in addition to some enterprises being forced by cost pressure to reduce the decoration quality, what is more important is the unavoidable pollution problem of the whole decoration industry

not only that, the decoration enterprises of long-term rental apartments have been unable to keep up with the expansion of long-term rental apartments. He said that large decoration enterprises rarely invest in the rapid installation of long-term rental apartments. Enterprises that decorate long-term rental apartments often have relatively low management level, which indirectly affects the quality and efficiency of decoration. At the same time, there is also a lack of experience and relevant standards and norms in the industry, which has led to a series of problems in the health, environmental protection, safety, quality and other aspects of rental housing, which has had a negative impact on the rental operation enterprises and tenants, affecting and restricting the development of the industry

standard drafting

emphasizes that the treatment can be divided into short-term and long-term

after the formaldehyde storm, the free side has made commitments: upgrade the board, remove the listing from the shelves until it passes the test, and then put it on the shelves for the first time. The rental listing is vacant for 30 days

however, in the view of the industry, such governance measures are only temporary. "The formaldehyde release time of wood-based panels is 3 to 15 years, which will change with the change of temperature and climate." Songguangsheng, director of the national indoor vehicle environment and environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center, analyzed that formaldehyde emissions are less in the current season, but formaldehyde emissions will increase in summer or winter after heating

this means that although the air detection is qualified after treatment, formaldehyde and other pollutants may still exceed the standard with the change of climate and other conditions in the later stage. Songguangsheng also said that at present, the access threshold of testing and management units is low, and the good and the bad are mixed, and there is also a deviation between the testing results and the treatment effect

for this reason, the industry standard "technical regulations for decoration of rental housing" under preparation has particularly important statements for decoration pollution control. In addition to reducing the use of polluting materials from the source and controlling the process details in the decoration process, it is specially emphasized that the treatment is divided into short-term treatment and long-term treatment: in the short term, it is more effective in a short time by using oxidants; After short-term treatment, pollutants still exist, so long-term measures such as closing and plugging holes are needed

in addition, the standard also reminds tenants that even if the air in the house has been treated and tested to be qualified, they should also develop the living habit of opening windows for ventilation. "Tenants can also use some air purifiers with formaldehyde removal function in their homes; some old purifiers can try to replace the filter element that can remove formaldehyde." Song Guangsheng said

experts' advice

long rent apartments promote prefabricated decoration

in the face of the current situation that vacant houses, upgraded boards and air governance cannot be eradicated, is there a good way to minimize decoration pollution

according to Yang Chunyu, at present, the industry is also looking for various new technologies and materials to replace the traditional decoration methods, hoping to solve the decoration pollution problem. For example, prefabricated decoration

in short, prefabricated decoration refers to the prefabrication of floors, wallboards and other decoration components in the factory in advance and assembly on site. In Beijing, a large number of public rental houses have taken the lead in trying this kind of decoration technology, and the city's local standards on prefabricated decoration have also been put into effect not long ago

a drafter of the local standard for prefabricated decoration in Beijing explained that taking the prefabricated decoration of public rental houses as an example, a large number of inorganic materials were selected, with less pollutants; At the same time, the physical connection of "screwing" is mainly used in decoration, and cement mortar and glue are used as little as possible. This can minimize decoration pollution

however, the promotion of prefabricated decoration technology in long-term rental apartments also faces difficulties. Yang Chunyu said that the prefabricated decoration has not formed a very complete supply chain, and the production and transportation costs of materials are relatively high. "At present, the association has organized relevant enterprises and experts to study the prefabricated decoration of long-term rental apartments to solve the supply chain problem, and there is a large amount of special expression in the new standard."

the reporter learned that the "technical regulations for decoration of rental housing" is currently in the drafting stage. The first draft is expected to be drafted at the end of this year and early next year, and is expected to be officially released in the first half of next year

(source: Beijing Daily)





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