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On October 12, the 12th Ma'anshan (Bowang) machine tool and blade mould Expo opened in the exhibition center. As a partner of galgates law firm, this Expo is themed with "innovation · green · high-end - Bowang intelligent manufacturing". At the Expo, there are not only the latest and most mature machine tools of Bowang and the products of all digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve blade mould controlled by microcomputer, but also the intelligent manufacturing products of foreign enterprises. Many scientific research institutions have roaded their innovation achievements on site, which is truly an "innovative green high-end" Expo

this machine tool Expo is divided into 8 professional exhibition areas. Among them, the most eye-catching is the exhibition area of Bowang machine tools and blade molds. In the exhibition area, products from dozens of machine tool and blade mold enterprises, such as Yawei machine tool, Yuxiang, Sino German machine tool, Jifeng cutting tool, etc., are lined up in a row. The products displayed are "fist products" of various enterprises. "This is the most mature product of our company, and it is also the most popular product in the market." wuzhaobin, production quality director of Anhui Yawei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., pointed to an electro-hydraulic numerical control bending machine and said that the greatest advantage of this bending machine is to save costs and stretch strength>100mpa. In the past, a machined part may require many steps of manual operation, while unformed machined parts need to occupy a large stacking area. The electro-hydraulic numerical control bending machine realizes continuous bending, integrates multiple processes, forms at one time, improves manual efficiency, and saves time and space

the annual machine tool Expo is not only a review and display of the innovative achievements of Bowang machine tool and blade mold industry, but also provides a platform and opportunity for enhancing the technical cooperation and resource integration of domestic and foreign exhibitors. In the brand machine tool product exhibition area, guohaibo, manager of East China region of Doosan Machine Tool Co., Ltd., said that he hoped to find more partners in Ma'anshan and explore the Chinese market

the machine tool and blade mold industries are the traditional industries in Bowang district. After years of development and reform, the industrial cluster effect is prominent. At present, the zone has attracted industry leaders from Japan, such as Tsusho machine tool, Shenyang machine tool, and Taiwan qiaoweijin machine tool. Its leading products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions, and has become one of the 24 new war industrial bases in Anhui Province

(relying on the first-class facilities of Bayer China and Germany textile coating laboratories, wangyongxia, correspondent Chengying)

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