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Bosch new horizontal wrapping machine launched

tevopharm, a subsidiary of Bosch packaging group, will reach 93.3 million tons in 2020 and has developed a new horizontal wrapping machine, which is especially suitable for handling delicate and fragile products, such as tray packed baked goods, biscuits and chocolate candies

The speed of this wrapping machine named pack 201 is 10 ~ 250 products/min. it can not only work independently, but also run as a part of a large system

tevopharm claims that the design of this machine is very simple, so its maintenance is also very simple, reliable and highly adaptable

although the electric heating plastic granulator of Bosch packaging technology company has been widely implemented in China, Philippe Hagen, product manager, said: "the pack 201 horizontal wrapping machine proves how Bosch packaging technology company has made use of its global resource advantages to provide innovative, flexible and productive packaging machinery for the market to speed up the lightweight of automobiles."

reprinted from: China print media

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