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Boster further enhances the programmability of ixarc rotary encoder

boster further enhances the programmability of ixarc rotary encoder

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position (boster) adds the latest powerful programmable performance to its ixarc series rotary encoder. With these new features, most of the performance parameters of this series of encoders can be modified by software, not by changing any physical components. For end users, this change will increase the compatibility of these devices, and help dealers to provide a series of more choices for the use of membranes with good biocompatibility, such as blood imitation membranes, without increasing the types of equipment in the warehouse. The new ixarc rotary encoder has the functions of absolute value coding and incremental coding measurement in one device. These devices can be configured as absolute value encoder (for position measurement), or incremental coder (especially suitable for monitoring rotation speed), or hybrid encoder to measure absolute position and rotation speed at the same time. In another improvement that can basically meet the requirements related to the processing of a common plastic raw material and the processing and molding of plastic waste products, postal (Bost) has launched a new configuration tool called ubifast, which is a hardware module that can easily connect a programmable encoder through an additional cable. Ubifast is unique in that it has a built-in WiFi hotspot and supports page servers. Once the power is connected, any smart, tablet or notebook computer with WiFi function can be connected to this WiFi hotspot, and then the device configuration interface will automatically open in a standard browser window, without application, software installation or connection to the Internet. In the whole process, users only need three simple steps to set up. Finally, post also released an Internet based configuration management system for its ixarc programmable encoder. Any fixture is a combination of these structures. When a device is reconfigured, the operator can choose to automatically record the change through the email interface. Subsequently, the historical configuration of the equipment will be updated in the company's database after it is identified by serial number. When spare parts need to be replaced, this record can be retrieved and used to produce an encoder with the same configuration. This record can also be provided to dealers or system integrators, who can find the matching equipment from the inventory, input the correct software parameters, and then directly send the complete parts to the end users

we will exhibit this product at CeMAT Asia international logistics technology and transportation system Exhibition on October. Welcome interested persons to boster booth: W2 Hall B for visit and exchange

post's latest ubifast configuration tool

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