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"Bottoming device for gas chromatographic analysis" won the national patent

on November 4, the "bottoming device for gas chromatographic analysis" independently developed by Changshou Power Supply Bureau won the utility model patent certificate granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. This is another invention after the national patent of Wang Yun, an employee of the Bureau, who invented the research on the replacement method of a single battery while giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials during operation. Obtaining one national patent after another shows that the independent innovation ability of Changshou Power Supply Bureau has reached a new level

"bottoming device for gas chromatographic analysis" belongs to gas chromatographic analysis device in power industry. According to Liaoyun, leader of the oil affairs team of Changshou Power Supply Bureau, when conducting gas chromatography analysis, it is necessary to take the bottom gas (usually nitrogen) and fill it into the sample (tested sample). The current method is to take the bottom gas at the sample inlet of the analysis equipment or at the outlet of the pressure reducing valve containing the bottom gas cylinder. Using the first method to take the bottom gas will affect the normal operation of the analysis equipment and prolong the analysis time on the basis of different fixtures, The second method will increase the labor intensity of analysts

the problems existing in bottom gas extraction have always plagued the comrades engaged in gas chromatography analysis. Liaoyun, the leader of oil affairs team of Changshou Power Supply Bureau, has made up his mind to solve this problem. With the strong support and cooperation of the relevant departments and responsible persons of the Bureau, through the joint efforts of the comrades of the oil affairs team, after three years of design and trial, a new device for bottom gas extraction was finally designed. The device fundamentally solves the problem that oil analysts can take bottom gas in the analysis room during gas chromatography analysis, which is conducive to saving test time and reducing the labor intensity of analysts

the device was recognized by the high 201 PVC door and window fixing sheet of the authority in the power industry, and obtained the patent certificate from the State Intellectual Property Office

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