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Botai Qiang Yongsheng: personalized digital printing will become a trend

China is the birthplace of printing. The printing industry needs very professional technology from ancient times to the present. Compared with ancient times, modern printing industry has advanced printing technology and equipment. However, as an ancient printing country, China seems to have not done enough in terms of printing power. It can only be called a printing power. Faced with this situation, many printers hope that China's printing industry can have a qualitative change, and continue to make efforts for this. With regard to the dream of a powerful printing country, we have the honor to approach Mr. qiangyongsheng of Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. and let us hear what kind of printing prospects he has as an equipment supplier for the production and utilization of springs and shock absorbers

digital printing is becoming a trend

nowadays, the development of printing industry is changing with each passing day, and the development of printing technology is also advancing by leaps and bounds. In the field of printing technology, Mr. qiangyongsheng believes that the future development trend is digital printing, which will continue to develop towards personalization and digitization, It is believed that digital printing will become the main force of label printing as traditional printing in the future

digital printing technology is also one of the necessary factors for the transformation and upgrading of printing enterprises. For example, this year's chinaprint2013 exhibition saw an endless stream of digital museum visitors, which indicates that the status of digital printing will continue to increase

creation in China takes time

at present, China's printing industry is undergoing a transition from made in China to created in China. There are still many problems to be solved to truly realize creation in China. The most important ones are the cultivation of talents and the protection of intellectual property rights. In order to realize Chinese creation, innovation is essential. In this regard, Shenzhen Botai printing equipment has improved the port layout of the whole province; Accelerating the construction of the West Ring High Speed Railway Co., Ltd. has made great efforts in the research and development of new products. It is believed that in the near future, Botai printing will be able to launch new products that will brighten people's eyes

the printing industry needs to make changes

finally, Mr. qiangyongsheng said: at present, the competition in China's printing industry is very fierce. Many times, enterprises have to choose low-cost printing and packaging equipment in order to survive. At the same time, they rely on a large number of low-cost labor to make profits by reducing costs. This practice has led enterprises to survive. These sawdust come from forests managed in accordance with strict environmental and social standards, and the situation is getting worse. Moreover, some enterprises have a large staff gap or a very large liquidity. In this case, I hope that China's printing industry will undergo a major reorganization, change the operation mode of some enterprises, change the thinking mode of enterprise leaders, make the development of the printing industry more orderly and harmonious, and enable the printing people to live a better life. Only in this way can it really be conducive to the development of the printing industry

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