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On April 10, at the grand opening of the 4th China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition, boster, a well-known printing and processing equipment and service supplier with more than 125 years of technology research and development, held a media conference, and many top media in the industry were invited to participate in the event, Focus on boster's development strategy and the latest trends in the packaging and printing industry

implement the 4.0 strategy and follow the two purposes of "coordinated development" and "pursuit of excellence"

on March 15, 2018, boster China launched the 4.0 strategy in Shanghai and formulated medium-term goals based on this strategy. The objectives mainly follow two purposes: first, coordinated development: closer to customers and better understand their needs; Second, pursue excellence: provide customers with the best technology, products and equipment to help customers achieve their goals

to this end, in the past 2018, boster launched a number of innovative initiatives. For example, the relocation of all machines and service solutions; Extend the warranty period of all products produced in boster Shanghai (2) in the second process of pasting protective film to two years; New bonded and non bonded warehouses have been opened in Shanghai to serve the 20 (3) 2 Chinese market with excellent quality... Many innovative measures have made boster more adaptable to the Chinese market

according to luxiri, general manager of boster (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in the first year of the strategy, boster's performance increased by 59% for similar Newtonian fluids. This achievement fully proves the correctness of the strategy and development direction. Lu Xirui said, "from the perspective that there is still one part of the pressure testing machine that is longer than today's manual lead screw in use, China's market will continue to grow, and the strong domestic demand from the consumer market will continue to drive China's economy. We will also practice the two major commitments and purposes in various ways every year to strengthen customers' positive response to boster China's 4.0 strategy."

2019, boster will be ready for more new actions and plans, which will continue to follow the two purposes of "coordinated development" and "pursuit of excellence". The 4th China (Guangdong) international printing technology exhibition is an excellent stage to explain these actions. I believe many visitors will be shocked by the equipment demonstrated by boster at the exhibition

it is worth mentioning that on April 1 this year, a new and important "boster Guangzhou Office" was officially put into operation. This is not an "office" in the general sense, but a comprehensive operation center integrating the functions of demonstration center, technical service center, test center, training center, etc

according to luxiri, in boster Guangzhou office, excellent salespeople will work here to provide customers with more perfect after-sales service; There are more technicians to install the machines and respond to customers' needs faster, so as to ensure the optimal performance of their machines and equipment; The die-cutting machine can be operated, which can not only provide on-site demonstration for customers, but also provide training

due to the strong demand for more innovative and sustainable packaging, the development of the packaging industry is accelerating. Boster's implementation of the 4.0 strategy, with the commitment of "coordinated development" and "pursuit of excellence" running through it, will bring all expected values to customers, which will also help boster achieve better development

focusing on the development direction of the packaging and printing industry, boster provides a variety of solutions

in the current environment, the environmental protection policy continues to be high-pressure, the labor cost increases year by year, and the requirements of the end market for products are becoming more and more strict. This phenomenon makes the packaging and printing enterprises encounter certain difficulties in their development. The various powerful solutions launched by boster can make it easier for customers to solve the difficulties they face:

value based pricing: ensuring the best return on investment

automation: there are corresponding solutions from machines to peripheral equipment and automated logistics

complex packaging: the box pasting machine can process and produce the most complex box types at an incredible speed

connected services: enable the most effective management of production costs

quality: Zero Fault packaging and perfect registration become the standard of equipment delivered every day

at the same time, with the change of market demand, personalized customization will be an important direction of future development. For example, the length of customer orders is becoming shorter and shorter, and rapid order change is becoming more and more important. Boster has been aware of this trend for many years, and its equipment is designed for this purpose, that is, to help change orders in the shortest possible time with the least personnel and time

however, boster believes that this is not enough. "We also need to consider how the new technology can help our customers enter the next stage, so that the high-efficiency production of small batch of high-quality packaging can realize industrial production," said luxiri

to this end, boster took the first step, that is, mouvent, a company affiliated to boster that specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of digital printing equipment technology. In, boster will launch more solutions according to the original development plan and market changes

in addition, in terms of intelligent equipment, boster has also made preparations. Intelligent connection service is a strategic demand, which is also the natural evolution of economic digitalization. It will appear in many forms and serve enterprises in many ways. At present, boster can provide many solutions in these products and services:

: provide remote help, and save a lot of money and time for customers through remote analysis and diagnosis

downtime tracking: the application can easily access the root cause of machine downtime. Through reports and alerts, customers can use downtime tracking to improve production

remote monitoring application: designed for decision makers, it is a comprehensive production reporting tool designed to quickly obtain detailed machine production, process and technical data

Bo today, win the future. Since 1997, boster Shanghai factory has won a good reputation in China with its advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality service

it is believed that in the near future, boster will further expand its market share in China's packaging and printing industry and help customers realize greater value through years of technical precipitation and planning

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