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Dingbian public security entered the "era of drone policing"

Metropolis Daily (xinjianxiang interns wuziyun) on March 5, two police UAVs purchased by Dingbian County Public Security Bureau were delivered to the Public Security Bureau. Liuyabin, a member of the Party group of the county government, Secretary of the Party committee of the Public Security Bureau, and director of the Public Security Bureau, and other leaders observed the simulated test flight before delivery, marking that Dingbian public security officially entered the era of drone policing

in recent years, based on the reality of social security and anti-terrorism and stability maintenance in the county, the Party committee of Dingbian County Public Security Bureau reviewed the situation, took the strategy of strengthening the police at the section level as the focus of public security reform, and actively sought the support of the Party committee and government. The county finance invited tenders to purchase one Dajiang Jingwei M600 Pro six axis UAV and one Dajiang Jingwei m200 four axis UAV. It is reported that the Dajiang longitude latitude M600 Pro UAV has a horizontal flight speed of 65km/h, a flight height of ≥ 500 meters, a control distance of 5000 meters, and can work at an ambient temperature of -10 to 40 ℃, with a high degree of intelligence. It has many functions, such as remote image, data transmission, air patrol, remote monitoring, target search, remote carrying, warning and shouting, and is widely used in public security emergency disposal, activity security, on-site command and storage of historical data High viscosity and stability of poly amino acid fermentation broth. Compared with the previous paragraph, the Dajiang longitude latitude m200 four axis UAV has the advantages of fast flight, convenient operation and covert action. It plays an important role in public security investigation and case solving, patrol monitoring and data collection. 1. what is lubrication?

at the delivery site, Liu Yabin observed the installation and commissioning process of the two UAVs in detail and listened to the introductions of the manufacturer's debuggers on various functions of the UAVs. Liuyabin pointed out that the formal equipment of UAV will play an irreplaceable important role in public security management, investigation and case solving, handling emergencies and maintaining stability, and command and dispatching, marking that Dingbian public security has made another big step forward in the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the police through science and technology. Liuyabin asked the UAV management department to carefully complete the docking and delivery work to ensure the integrity and normal function of the equipment. Second, it is necessary to organize special personnel to familiarize themselves with functions, carefully learn control skills and improve technical and operational methods; Third, it is necessary to do a good job in daily management and maintenance to ensure that the UAV functions normally and can be used at any time, so as to contribute to the public security work as soon as possible

finally, the first flight test of a UAV composed of nickel, cobalt and manganese cathode materials was successfully completed after commissioning

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