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Bottles make it possible to pack Baijiu in large capacity

recently, several large capacity PET containers of Baijiu have appeared on the supermarket shelves in China, mainly for the mass consumer groups with high brand loyalty and price sensitivity. The "Shuquan" Sichuan sorghum liquor produced by Chongyang liquor industry uses 5-liter square pet barrels. This kind of packaging commonly used in edible oil is rarely used in Baijiu. The two-piece plastic anti-theft cover is also used in the packaging. Drinkers can drink only by unscrewing the red outer cover and breaking the small white pull ring at the recess of the inner cover, while the pull ring of the big 1 and simple beam impact tester at the bottleneck is easy to carry. Beijing's Red Star Erguotou has launched a 2-liter long neck pet round bottle of Baijiu with a twisted plastic anti-theft cover. The bottle type and label of these two packages are very simple, while the unit price lower than that of ordinary glass bottled wine is quite attractive from nothing to power

what needs to be done for the daily and weekly maintenance of the white metal tensile testing machine? The wine is packed in plastic bottles, which breaks through the capacity limit of the original glass bottles and porcelain bottles, reduces the unit cost, and greatly reduces the proportion of packaging in the product weight, greatly facilitates transportation and is more convenient for consumers to carry. At the same time, it is safer than glass bottles and porcelain bottles, and reduces the packaging damage rate during production and transportation. The products with large capacity packaging can also reduce the risk of brand conversion, extend the product service life, and enable enterprises with good reputation to make full use of the original product reputation and expand market share

in view of the fact that consumers are still unfamiliar with pet packaged Baijiu, Sichuan sorghum liquor is specially marked with the words "quality insurance of the people's Insurance Company of China" on the label, and Red Star Erguotou also marks that the product has passed the international quality system certification, hoping to reassure buyers

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