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The southern border region should become an international hub Guangxi is facing a big change in its "role" Guangxi is facing a big change in its "role" China Construction Machinery Information. Guangxi is the only province that connects China and Southeast Asia

Xinhua Tianjin channel, October 13 - the establishment of the China ASEAN free trade area is changing the role of Guangxi as a "remote area" in the past. A transportation hub and international channel connecting China and Southeast Asia are now being displayed in front of the world. "Guangxi is the only province that connects China and Southeast Asia." Dr. guxiaosong, director of Southeast Asia Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Guangxi has incomparable advantages in communication with ASEAN countries in terms of transportation

land: direct access to Southeast Asia

in terms of land, Nanning is only more than 300 kilometers away from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Recently, it is more than 700 kilometers away from Vientiane, the capital of Laos, and more than 1200 kilometers away from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. After the Nanning Hanoi Expressway under construction is completed, it will take three hours' drive from Nanning to Hanoi. In terms of railways, Nanning has international trains directly to Hanoi

among them, Nanning Youyi pass Expressway under construction is 179.7 kilometers long, and its terminal Youyi Pass connects with Vietnam's north-south No. 1 highway. After completion in 2006, the driving distance from Nanning to Hanoi will be reduced from the current 8 hours to 4 hours. This is the most convenient highway from China to Indochina Peninsula. At present, it is convenient to enter Vietnam from Guangxi. There are highways from Dongxing City of Fangchenggang and Pingxiang of Chongzuo to Haiphong and Hanoi of Vietnam

shipping: there is a Chinese port nearest to Southeast Asia. At present, Guangxi has also strengthened the construction of coastal ports to make them large-scale and deep-water. The 11th 10000 ton wharf of Fangcheng port is under construction; The 12th 10000 ton wharf and the channel expansion and reconstruction project based on the 50000 ton standard are about to start; Before 2006, Fangcheng port also plans to build two 50000 ton berths. In Qinzhou port, the construction of 30000 ton approach channel and the second phase of Qinzhou hydraulic oil port replacement project are also being stepped up

according to the plan, by 2010, the handling capacity of Guangxi coastal ports will reach 50million tons from the current 20million tons. From Guangxi Beibu Gulf, you can reach Vietnam, Philippines and other countries by sea. At present, three port cities in Guangxi, Beihai, Qinzhou and Fangchenggang, have complete facilities

Ye Shi, vice mayor of Fangchenggang City, revealed that recently, the city will open or increase sea routes to Singapore, Vietnam and other ASEAN countries. A cargo ship from a Malaysian company will sail to Fangchenggang for the first time on October 17

aviation: the fastest air corridor

in terms of aviation, Nanning and Guilin in Guangxi have opened routes to some ASEAN countries. There are two flights from Nanning to Hanoi every week and one charter flight to Bangkok every week; Guilin has also opened direct flights to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. However, compared with the current status of Nanning in the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, the air routes from Nanning to the ten ASEAN countries are not complete. The holding of the Expo will certainly accelerate the development of Nanning's aviation industry

it is reported that the airfield expansion project of Nanning Airport has been included in the agenda. One of the plans is to build a parallel taxiway with the same length as the runway 182.5m west of the current airport runway center, add a functional link between the north and the south of the taxiway, and quickly buy a functional link equivalent to multiple experimental aircraft, and expand the apron. In the future, Nanning airport can take off and land Boeing 7. All these enterprises are respectable 47 and other large aircraft

it can be predicted that the holding of the Expo and the establishment of China ASEAN Free Trade Area will greatly promote the transportation of Nanning and even the whole Guangxi, and the advantages of Guangxi's convenient sea, land and air three-dimensional channel will also add to the Expo

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