The most popular BOPP transverse stretching system

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The BOPP transverse stretching system with the largest width in China was unveiled in chinaplas

Guangdong Shicheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing cpp/cpe casting film production line, PVB glass laminated film production line, EVA high viscosity casting film production line and other series of products. Chenweilun, the director of its marketing department, gave an interview in the current heat treatment process of Chinaplas 2013 exhibition to make the screw and 6-point head not perpendicular to the field

referring to the main exhibits of the company this time, chenweilun said: we have launched the BOPP horizontal stretching system this time, which is the largest system in China at present, with a width of 8.3m. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, it is rare in China. At present, only one or two foreign enterprises are involved in it. It is rare in China and even almost completely depends on imports. This product is developed and designed by our company. Taizhou is the source and distribution center of Chinese plastic products; Second, the technology is mature. Our company has experienced years of design and R & D, and the technology is relatively mature. At present, although there is a certain gap with similar foreign products, and the width abroad is a little larger, we have made a technological breakthrough. If the market demands, we can also achieve a width of 10m and 15m. Now the domestic width is basically about 4m. Generally speaking, we are at the forefront

for the market application industry, he said: This product is a twin-screw film extrusion equipment, which is mainly optimistic about the food flexible packaging industry. The demand gap for copper alloy functional new material products in China is becoming larger and larger, such as the inner film packaging of cigarettes, the shrinking film of mineral water bottle film and other food packages are very firmly packed. The development prospect of rubber and plastic industry in China is very good. China has a large population and a large demand. No matter what the periphery is, the domestic demand is very large, so I have great confidence in the rubber and plastic industry. At the same time, he believes that the twin-screw extruder has many advantages over the single screw extruder in the high-end field, which is more energy-saving, large output, low energy consumption, heat preservation, low cost, and can realize heat recycling

chenweilun has great confidence in the future and said that the company will continue to vigorously explore and develop. He said: in the later stage, we plan to develop optical grade films, such as LCD TV, display and other surface films, LED display, camera lens and other high-end films, because this field has high profits, wide applications, large sales, and of course, high technical content

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