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As for door and window companies, it has become an indisputable reality that their careers have been in a downturn for too long. However, in the downturn, Shanzhai is like a shadow, which hinders the development of some regular door and window companies

first, the shadow of Shanzhai is rampant occupation

in the process of the development and expansion of the door and window profession, Shanzhai has always followed suit. For self-made brands in the "seedling stage", Shanzhai is a weed competing with good seedlings for nutrition. The lack of legal standards and professional self-discipline will definitely prevent the healthy development of self-made plans. It is understood that in order to avoid the domestic wind of plagiarism, foreign countries even exposed and listed at the door of some home furnishing exhibitions and refused Chinese planners to enter. It has to be said that domestic Shanzhai work has also reached a new height

in the door and window shopping malls with severe homogenization, consumers can easily find traces of plagiarism and imitation in a domestic door and window commodity that boasts its own creation. From the external style to the internal function, there are so many similarities. Now, in the eyes of some companies, "Shanzhai" has become a "magic weapon" to win the mall. Although self creation seems to have a better way out, door and window companies are still willing to "sacrifice the near and seek the far". What is the reason for this situation

second, the strength of self creation is not lost.

now, fake goods still account for half of the door and window shopping malls, and even the sales of some self-made brands are not as good as these copied fake goods. However, as China's economy takes off, the people's need for spiritual food is becoming increasingly urgent, and self created doors and windows have thus ushered in the golden age of development. Even if fake goods are difficult to beat for a time, as a person with common thinking or a company with common personality, we should not let go

Shanzhai has its way, and self creation is not bad, but self creation is far better than Shanzhai. At present, self-made door and window brands are springing up, which is enough to clarify many problems. At least at present, it is still the profit-making period of self-made brands. As for brands that can provide high-quality goods that meet the needs of shopping malls, there should be no problem in making a living. If we can seize the opportunity, persist in self creation and keep up with the changing trend of the times, we can make some achievements

in the Internet age, when all information is exposed, Shanzhai will not only face legal sanctions, but also face the trial of speech. In other words, the cost of making copycat planning is higher, and it is likely to be a waste of money. Instead of focusing on Shanzhai, the company would rather use it on commodity innovation and brand building, which is the way to carry out durable development




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