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Sales volume has reached new highs, and Sanshan floor has made another brilliant achievement

good news: sales volume has reached new highs, and Sanshan floor has made another brilliant achievement! On November 7, 19 brand alliances of Sanshan floor Longquan activity signed more than 700 orders on site, and the

alliance team won a big victory, which is a new miracle in the history of building materials. Sanshan floor signed hundreds of orders in two hours, which is a new high in sales of Sanshan floor Longquan ~

700 orders of 19 brands

on the day of the home building materials tasting, there were a sea of people, the whole audience was full of firepower, and 700 orders of 19 brands were signed

the victory of this alliance cannot be separated from the efforts and efforts of the team. Thank the alliance, thank the Sanshan ace team,

thank the League ace supervisor general manager Su, and thank Deng Yang, an expert in the Chinese building materials industry and a gold medal bargainer

Deng Yang, the gold medal bargainer of this event, is an expert in China's building materials industry, with decades of experience in building materials bargaining

president Deng strives for more value and benefits for owners throughout the process, so that consumers can enjoy unprecedented shocking experience and ultra-low price

the consumers who paid the deposit lined up in a long line, and the scene was spectacular

100 orders in 2 hours

in only two hours, the number of orders signed by Sanshan floor reached 100! This is the sales miracle in the history of Chengdu flooring. Through unremitting efforts, Sanshan trump team has made hundreds of times of efforts to challenge sales miracles

500000 floor deposit

excellent shopping guide service, perfect after-sales, high-quality products, Sanshan floor attracts everyone's attention, and Sanshan floor booths are close by

at the end of the activity, consumers returned with full loads. In this event, we not only bought the best quality products at the most affordable price,

we also received better service than quality. Sanshan floor has a 15 year warranty, which makes you feel comfortable to buy and use

congratulations to Sanshan flooring consumers for winning the first prize of this alliance promotion meeting. Buy Sanshan flooring and take good luck home

"advocating the economical use of forest resources and leading the green household life" is not only the quality goal of Sanshan, but also its social mission. At present, the products of the company are all wood products, and the utilization rate of its raw materials is directly related to the use of forest resources. If we only focus on whether we use raw materials, and do not consider the raw material needs of other enterprises and future generations, it is doomed that Sanshan will not grow into a thoughtful, visionary and socially responsible enterprise. To this end, Sanshan has always been in the spirit of scientific concept and continuous innovation, constantly breaking through technical bottlenecks, constantly improving quality management, doing everything possible to improve technology, improve the utilization rate of wood resources to save forest resources, and strive to create more healthy and environmentally friendly home flooring for families in China

the concept of green sustainable development has always run through the business activities of Sanshan flooring. In the future, Sanshan flooring will also bear more social responsibilities.

as always, we will adhere to the road of green and environmental protection, and strive to become the leader of green and environmental protection flooring




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