See the traps and make your decoration safer

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See the traps, and make your decoration safer.

according to the consumption tips released by the China Consumer Association, there are five traps in the decoration market, some of which are in the form of rings, and some are independent chapters. Try and analyze:

I. design trap: many companies will say "design is free" when receiving. But when you are not satisfied with the design or the project cost and don't want to entrust its construction, you will be asked to pay an expensive design fee

II. Contract traps: mainly manifested in fictitious subject qualifications and qualifications, as well as making articles in the use of materials, process requirements, construction period, acceptance methods, quality warranty, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution and other aspects, laying the groundwork for escaping responsibility in the future

III. advance payment trap: after the contract is signed, the construction party will require you to pay 30% to 40% of the material preparation and mobilization fee in advance. A few salespersons and even bosses will take advantage of this opportunity to "get paid at the bottom" and leave with the money. Of course, in most cases, receiving the advance payment means that you have obtained the initiative of dialogue in the decoration process. Sometimes you are not satisfied, but the money is in hand, and you can't stop, so you can only be depressed and passive

IV. material purchase trap: if it is self purchased materials, a few construction parties will collect kickbacks by introducing you to purchase materials; Write a "big prescription", use less, buy more, and take away more. If it is labor and material contracting, he will make an article on the quantity and brand of materials

v. quality trap: it is mainly manifested in concealed works, water and electricity, doors and windows and other projects. As long as there are quality problems in these places, they are often reworked for many times, which can not solve the problem, and finally can only be nothing

due to the strong professionalism of decoration, it is indeed very difficult to prevent it completely, but there are still tricks to reduce losses. We should focus on three elements: signing contracts well, and if economic conditions permit, it is best to ask a professional lawyer to help check; Hire an expert as a supervisor; Retain evidence to protect rights




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