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Paper industry: excessive supply depresses the price of paper (II)

the substitution of domestic coated paper for imported coated paper was basically completed.

before 2000, 80% of the domestic coated paper market was imported paper. At that time, the annual demand was as high as 1.2 million to 1.3 million tons, and 1million tons needed to be imported. However, in recent years, more and more factories have been built in China, leading to the fact that the main product of coated paper market is no longer imported paper, but domestic paper

since 2001, the quantity of coated paper imported by China has decreased year by year, and the export volume of coated paper has gradually increased. It is expected that the export volume will exceed the import volume in 2005

the story of coated paper is being repeated by coated white cardboard, kraft linerboard and other kinds of paper

at present, the domestic consumption of coated white cardboard/white paperboard and A-level Kraft linerboard is growing the fastest and the import volume is large, but the new production capacity is also rising rapidly

we expect that with the continuous improvement of the quality and market competitiveness of domestic white card paper, the substitution of domestic paper for imported paper will also be realized in the short term

lack of conditions for export substitution

shortage of high-quality papermaking raw materials

China is short of forest resources. The results of the fifth forest inventory show that China currently has 3.95 billion mu of forestry land, 2.38 billion mu of forest area, 12.49 billion cubic meters of standing trees, 112.7 billion cubic meters of forest storage, and 100 million cubic meters of an experimental machine with high accuracy requirements. The forest coverage rate is 16.55%, and the forest coverage rate is only 56% of the world average level (29.6%), The per capita forest area and volume are only 20% and 12% of the world level respectively

papermaking raw materials depend on imports. In 2004, the output of domestic paper and paperboard doubled compared with that in 1995, while the self-produced primary pulp had almost no growth. In 2005, app, Chenming Paper and Bohui paper respectively put into production chemical broad-leaved pulp and poplar chemical mechanical pulp production lines. The import growth of broad-leaved pulp has decreased, but in general, high-quality raw materials still depend on imports

domestic wood is difficult to meet the needs of the development of the paper industry, and it is unrealistic to rely on imports to solve the problem of paper raw materials for a long time from the perspective of cost. According to the prediction of China Paper Association, the national paper and paperboard output in 2010 will reach 80million tons, 18million tons of wood pulp and 90million cubic meters of logs. Domestic wood is difficult to meet the demand; Wolfgang Miebach, President of Bayer materials technology China, and steffan Huber, who will take over the next president of Bayer materials technology China, visited the China Petrochemical Federation and relied solely on imports, which is bound to cause sharp fluctuations in international market prices

shortage of water resources

the water consumption in papermaking, especially in pulping, is huge. Generally, the water consumption per ton of paper produced by paper mills exceeds 100 cubic meters, and that per ton of pulp exceeds 300 cubic meters

afforestation also requires a lot of water. Afforestation in arid areas needs artificial irrigation, which not only costs a lot, but also the survival rate of trees is not high

China is a country with serious water shortage in the world. Most of the northern regions are short of water, while Shandong, Henan and Hebei are major papermaking provinces, and papermaking enterprises are very concentrated. The excessive development of the paper industry will cause great damage to the local groundwater resources

in January, 2005, the system was reset automatically after waiting for 10 seconds. The state began to implement the "water quota standard for paper products", limiting the unreasonable water intake of paper enterprises, and listed the paper industry as one of the five major water consuming industries that focus on water conservation. In the future, with the increase of paper production, not only the water consumption can not be increased, but also the water consumption should be reduced by 1.3% every year

the characteristics of high pollution and high energy consumption of the paper industry also determine that the country will not encourage the export of the paper industry. The paper industry is an important source of water pollution in China's rivers and lakes, and also a major energy consumer. Encouraging the export of paper products is equivalent to sacrificing domestic scarce resources

since the beginning of this year, the state has cancelled the preferential policy of export tax rebate for paper and paperboard

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