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Paper industry: backward production capacity makes energy conservation and emission reduction difficult.

as a traditional industrial sector, the achievements of domestic paper industry in environmental protection in the past 10 years are beyond doubt. The overall improvement of environmental protection has changed the old image of China's paper industry. However, with the growing voice of upgrading the national industrial structure, the further improvement of the national requirements for industrial energy conservation and emission reduction, and the development trend of environmental protection under the new situation, the paper industry is still concerned

2010, director Liping of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out at the Forum on the concept and practice of low-carbon papermaking that at present, the domestic paper industry is still a double high industry with high energy consumption and high pollution. At present, the production capacity of the paper industry is relatively scattered. With the same GDP, the energy consumption and pollutant emission of the paper industry are still much higher than those of other industries

Cao Zhenlei, Secretary General of China Paper Industry Association and deputy general manager of China Light Industry Group, was interviewed on issues related to the concentration of the paper industry. He believes that the problem of over low concentration of domestic paper industry has always existed, but the conditions for this situation to change have been met, and the change will come soon

the background of the emergence of small paper enterprises

there are historical reasons for the formation of the capacity layout of the domestic paper industry. The development of domestic paper industry is also closely related to China's economic and social development level

for China's paper industry, the first decade of the 21st century is a golden decade of rapid development. From 2000 to 2009, the annual output of China's paper industry increased from 30.5 million tons to 86.4 million tons, nearly tripled in 10 years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. China has also become the world's largest papermaking country

it is worth mentioning that while the production capacity is growing rapidly, the domestic paper industry has also made remarkable achievements in technology and equipment manufacturing. It is understood that domestic paper enterprises above Designated Size have basically possessed world-class pulp and paper making and environmental protection technologies and equipment. At present, two of the world's four super large paper machines have settled in China, and the domestic large paper machine technology level has far exceeded that of Europe

with the rapid integration of China's economy into the world and the rapid improvement of domestic consumption level, the sales of paper products such as packaging paper and printing paper also surged. In the past, when the technical conditions and industrial processes were not mature, the shortage of domestic paper products made the import of paper products continue for a long time. The growing market demand stimulates the continuous expansion of the scale of the paper industry

however, it is in this case that a large number of domestic small paper mills came into being. Today, the number of domestic small paper enterprises still accounts for more than 1/3 of the total number of paper enterprises

a large number of small paper enterprises have been the source of domestic environmental protection problems for a long time due to insufficient funds, difficult to show the scale effect and even insufficient investment in environmental protection. In previous years, many small paper-making enterprises can be found in the pollution of the Yangtze River, Taihu Lake and other water bodies

backward production capacity becomes an obstacle to industrial upgrading

small paper enterprises have made positive contributions to improving the supply of paper products and meeting the domestic economy and household paper. However, at this stage, they have gradually become unable to adapt to the general situation of national industrial upgrading and energy conservation and emission reduction

since the second year of the eleventh five year plan, the state has concentrated on the control of paper-making pollution, and a large number of small paper mills with less than 10000 tons have begun to close down. In may2010, the State Council issued the notice on further strengthening efforts to ensure the realization of the energy conservation and emission reduction targets of the eleventh five year plan, which clearly stated that 530000 tons of backward paper-making capacity should be eliminated in that year

the low operating level of small paper enterprises is affecting the energy efficiency level of the whole paper industry. According to the statistical data, the total output value of China's paper industry in 2009 was 466billion yuan. Although the total output value accounted for 1.39% of the total domestic industrial output value, the wastewater and COD emissions accounted for 18.76% and 31.82% of the total national emissions

the backward level of technical equipment is considered to be the main reason for the low operating level of small paper enterprises. It is understood that in the production process of paper products, the average water consumption per ton of paper in China is 60 cubic meters, the total water consumption of advanced equipment can reach 20 cubic meters or even lower, while the water consumption of obsolete equipment can reach 100 cubic meters, and the discharge of other wastes is several times more

in june2010, the people's Daily published a report on the pollution of the paper industry, "the interests make small paper industry resurgent", which attracted great public attention. The survey shows that in many small paper mills in Anhui Province, more than 70% of the enterprises have poor pollution control facilities and only some simple physicochemical and biochemical treatment devices. Even if these devices operate normally, the enterprises cannot meet the discharge standards

according to relevant data, China's paper industry eliminated 6.5 million tons of backward production capacity during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. Although this is a heavy blow to some enterprises, it is a good thing for China's entire paper industry. The reduction in the number of low-quality enterprises and backward production capacity is not only conducive to the development of our paper industry in the direction of scale and intensification, but also conducive to improving international competitiveness. The person in charge of a paper-making enterprise described his own views on the data

Changjiang manxia, Secretary of the household paper professional committee of China Paper Association, told the media that the strict and detailed elimination and access standards and measures for the paper industry are encouraging the development direction of modernization. At the same time, it also provides development space for advanced enterprises with good product quality, less pollution emissions and full utilization of resources

some industry analysts believe that, according to the elimination plan of 4.65 million tons of backward production capacity of the paper industry published by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2010, although the eliminated production capacity only accounts for about 4.5% of the total production capacity of the paper industry, the elimination of backward production capacity also frees up market space, which will accelerate the improvement of industry concentration and further expand the market share of leading companies

the conditions for market elimination have been met.

the elimination of backward production capacity should rely on the strength of the market, and the conditions for the market to eliminate itself have been met, caozhenlei told. In the paper industry, the view that the backward production capacity should be eliminated by relying on the market has been recognized by many professionals

lack of environmental protection standards many countries are increasing the cost of paper-making enterprises by increasing the electronic parts in household appliances and parts that may have potential combustion hazards. According to the discharge standard of water pollutants for pulp and paper industry implemented on August 1st, 2008, the discharge limits of chemical oxygen demand (COD) of established pulp and paper enterprises are 200mg/l and 100mg/l respectively. The substantial increase of the elimination standard requires paper-making enterprises to spend more money on environmental protection

with the continuous increase of production capital investment in the paper industry, the increase of environmental protection costs will undoubtedly overburden many enterprises. According to a person in the paper industry, the investment in the 10000 ton capacity of the paper industry has reached 100million to 150million yuan, which is basically equivalent to the investment in heavy industries such as steel and petrochemical industry, but much higher than that in light industries such as the food industry and the textile industry where the right manufacturers can better serve you

the renewal of production equipment and the investment in environmental protection equipment will greatly reduce the production cost, which is also recognized by most large paper enterprises. It is understood that the domestic well-known paper enterprise sun paper has invested 1.4 billion yuan in environmental protection, accounting for 13% of the cost per ton of paper. Sunbingjian, the assistant manager of Jindong paper, revealed that Jindong has invested 1.4 billion yuan in environmental protection

pur1 is usually prepared by the polycondensation of 2 isocyanate and 2 alcohol/2 amine. However, sun Bingjian also pointed out that the investment cost in environmental protection is more reasonable when the enterprise reaches a certain scale. Otherwise, if the enterprise is too small, the investment cost in environmental protection will be unreasonable

it is understood that many small paper-making enterprises have been shut down because the operation cost of environmental protection equipment is too high. On july6,2010, taodetian, spokesman of the Ministry of environmental protection, announced the first batch of listed supervision cases of the year, including six paper-making enterprises in Linyi, Shandong. There are many paper enterprises that stopped production because of high cost

in addition, the increasing saturation of the paper market has also put pressure on the survival of small enterprises. I think this is the fundamental reason why small paper enterprises will be eliminated by the market. Caozhenlei told the analyst. He believes that with the rise of a large number of domestic paper enterprises such as Chenming, Jindong, Huatai and Taiyang, the product supply in the domestic paper market will continue to improve, which will also fundamentally restrict the production of small paper enterprises

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