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The paper industry is difficult to get out of the tight encirclement, and the fundamentals are low.

although the state has long issued the goal of eliminating the backward production capacity of 9.7 million tons of paper industry, the data show that the elimination is not as good as expected

according to statistics, 9.8 million tons of paper-making capacity was added in 2010. In 2011, the figure was close to 13million tons. In 2012, the growth rate began to decline, at about 12million tons. In 2013, it is expected that the new output will reach 7million tons. In the short term, the current paper industry is still in a situation of oversupply and falling both in volume and price, which is still difficult to improve

according to the light industry analysts of Shangpu consulting, it has become an industry consensus that the paper industry is subject to the economic cycle and overcapacity for a long time. In 2012, affected by the decline of macroeconomic growth, the operation of the whole industry was relatively poor, basically all of which were in a state of loss due to the low input signal frequency. As an industry with high correlation between prosperity and fundamentals, the economic downturn in 2012 was a serious drag. In addition, the government intends to tighten monetary policy, which makes the capital chain of paper enterprises even worse

in the face of the slowdown in growth, in order to alleviate the difficulties, paper-making enterprises are constantly changing the most comprehensive output. Except for the charcoal industry, dairy industry and xylitol industry, most of them focus on the field of household paper with high profit margin. At the same time, the packaging industry is less affected by the economic downturn, and its downstream demand is relatively stable. According to the performance requirements of automobile parts, modified polypropylene has also become a part of the paper industry that needs to be maintained. However, it should be noted that the capacity of these areas is also growing rapidly

according to the survey report on China's paper market in released by Shangpu consulting, the current problem is that whether the government can increase the crackdown and eliminate backward production capacity will be the key to whether the whole industry can get out of the quagmire in the future. For the industry, under the premise that the current fundamentals are not good, how to establish perfect demand and production capacity is difficult to launch advanced product matching mechanism will become the top priority. Only under the correct guidance of the government rather than blind investment, and on the premise that the industry has deepened its self-awareness in this crisis, can China's paper market get rid of the current difficulties and embark on the road of healthy development

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