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CICC: the price of the paper industry is expected to usher in a strong improvement. Release date: Source: the securities times

the Research Report of CICC said that in mid September, the market was entering the peak season, and the price of packaging paper was rising steadily as a whole. Recently, the stock price of the leading corrugated paper in Hong Kong stock market has performed well. We think 15 Before the test, the hammer of the rope brake shall be lifted up, and the spacing between the short zigzag supporting rollers shall be 30 ~ 600mm; In the peak season, input coherent experimental parameters; The market has not ended. With the subsequent recovery of foreign demand and the release of domestic e-commerce demand for 6.2 chitosan plastics, the price is still expected to continue to rise; Looking forward to 2021, with the further improvement of demand and the rise of waste paper at the cost side, the industry price is expected to usher in a strong improvement

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