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The famous town of papermaking has appointed seven heads of paper enterprises for comprehensive renovation. The storm is coming.

release date: Source: Municipal renovation office and Zhongtang ecological environment branch. Number of Views: 1976 copyright and disclaimer.

core tip: coal to gas and solid waste treatment are a Damocles sword hanging over the papermaking enterprises in recent years. Recently, in Zhongtang Town, a famous papermaking town in China, 7 well-known paper enterprises such as Liwen were responsible for

while recently, in Zhongtang Town, a famous papermaking town in China, 7 well-known paper enterprises such as Liwen were interviewed by relevant departments, and a comprehensive renovation storm began

On the morning of August 26, Zeng Ming, deputy director of Dongguan Ecological Environment Bureau, led experts from the municipal remediation office, Zhongtang ecological environment branch and the light industry environmental protection research institute to the Zhongtang paper industry base to conduct field research and supervise the rectification of paper enterprises in Zhongtang town

after inspecting the operation of pollution control facilities, boiler construction and central heating pipeline construction of Dongguan Liwen paper mill Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Xufeng Paper Co., Ltd., the steering group convened a meeting with the heads of 7 paper-making enterprises in Zhongtang town to understand the progress of their own rectification work

the steering group pointed out that Zhongtang town and paper-making enterprises should pay close attention to the convenience of the city's industrial renovation, solidly standardize the relevant work, and make two points clear: first, the acceptance period for the comprehensive renovation of the paper-making industry in Dongguan is the end of 2020. All paper-making enterprises should make every effort to complete the construction of process control system, standardized renovation of odor collection Four key indicators of underground pipeline detection and rainwater and sewage diversion transformation; Second, the "coal to gas" and boiler renovation work must be completed on time and according to quality. For enterprises that still have a wait-and-see mentality and do not actively implement and promote, resulting in failure to complete the rectification work on time, the municipal ecological environment bureau will take mandatory measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

the information disclosed at this long table meeting has been very clear. The "limited mechanical testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer-based tensile testing machine)" issued and implemented for more than 7 years in is the last time line for the comprehensive treatment of major paper enterprises. If it cannot be completed, it may face the risk of violation of laws in addition to the tough measures of forced shutdown

there is no doubt that the production cost of Zhongtang paper enterprises will increase to a certain extent, and will affect the competitiveness of local enterprises. When the market demand continues to shrink, it may cause strong fluctuations in paper prices in the Pearl River Delta

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